Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catamount Purple

Five runners arrived at the Catamount Race in Williston, VT seven minutes before the starting gun. With paperwork to fill out, safety pins to attach, and the decision whether or not to run to the bathroom; the race began before we knew it. Imagine 140 runners in a single file trail for 3.1miles (5K) running in 5-7min miles. David Mortner took an early lead, and having not run the course before, placed 5th overall. Other runners, Jeffrey Campell, Adam Tinker and Bret Dewhurst all finished in under 20 minutes in what was the fatest race the CRT has seen yet.

The absence of bees swarming the course was a positive, but the trails made this course difficult, and tunnel vision kicked in for most of the runners. Ever been chased by a bear in the woods? This course will teach you what it's like. And for those of you who want to experience this mind-numbing course, with a challenging hill, and more wraparounds and turns than the backroads of Vermont, you have one last shot. On September 22nd, 2009 at 6:15pm, you better believe the CRT will tackle Catamount one last time. Will it be the Purple Course we ran this week? Maybe the Blue or the Invitational? Or will it be the dreaded Pink Course; which synonyms include hell, terrifying, and catastophic. Only time will tell.

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